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PyCon US 2024

Great to see and chat with everyone at PyCon US 2024 this year!

May 18 2024

CircuitPython Show: Continuous Integration and the CircuitPythonukiah

Alec Delaney joins Paul and they discuss how CircuitPython uses continuous integration for development and Alec's CircuitPythonukiah project.

Dec 12 2022

Community Help Desk - Hacktoberfest Tutoral

Alec (Tekktrik) hosts a special edition tutorial of the Community Help Desk to get you started on contributing to CircuitPython as part of Hacktoberfest. Learn what software you'll need and how the contribution process works. Whether you're new to contributing to CircuitPython or to open source in general, this tutorial will get you all set to contribute.

Oct 03 2022

CircuitPython Day 2022 Development Sprint Introduction

Join Alec and Kattni for a quick introduction to the CircuitPython Development Sprint. It's a Q&A covering questions that folks interested in joining the sprints might have.

Aug 19 2022